Kale Cyron

Vibrant youthful male elf, who is fairly thin and wiry, he has wild hair and a dazzling smile


Name: Kale Cyron
Campaign: Guardians of the Frontier
Gender: Male
Race: Elf (high)
Alignment: NG
Class: Mage
Lvl: 1
XP: 0
Next LVL XP: 2,500
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 124
Age: 112
HP: 4
Current HP: 4
AC: 10 Armor worn/shield?/helm? No armor of any kind
hit/dam adjustments & notes

Str: 9 Hit 00 Dmg 00 Allow 35 Press 90 Doors 5 BBLG 1%
Dex: 16 Surprise +1 Missile +1 Defense -2
Con: 10 Hp 00 Shock 70% Res 75% Poison 00 Regen Nil
Int: 16 Lang 5 Spl Lvl 8th Learn Spl 70% Spl/Lvl 11 Illus Immune: none
Wis: 14 Mag. Def. 0 Bonus 1st Fail 0% Spl Immune: None
Chr: 11 Hench. 4 Loyalty 0 React 0
Com: 11 React 0

Languages: Elf, gnome, common, halfling, orc,

Racial/Class Abilities:

  1. 90% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells
  2. +1 to hit – when employing a bow or using a short sword or long sword
  3. Elf gets a bonus to surprise if not wearing armor and 90 feet or more from other non-elves. If yes, -4 penalty to the surprise roll for opponent (-2 if the elf has to open the door
  4. Infravision (60 feet)
  5. Passing within 10 feet of a secret door, an elf has 1 in 6 chance to notice. If searching, 1 in 3 chances, 1 in 2 chances to discover a concealed portal.
  6. -1 to CON and +1 to Dex (already reflected above)

Skills/Proficiencies: [wizards get 1 weapon and 4 non weapon proficiencies at level 1]

  1. dagger (weapon)
  2. reading/writing (non-weapon)
  3. Spellcraft (non-weapon)
  4. Ancient languages (non-weapon)
  5. Ancient history (non-weapon)

Class Kit:

Spells currently accessible:

  1. 1st level: 1
  2. 2nd level: 0

Spells Known:
1st level

  1. Cantrip
  2. harm person
  3. Magic Missile
  4. Comprehend languages
  5. Identify

Saving Throws
PPDM: 14 Modifier/Reason
RSW:11 Modifier/Reason
PP: 13 Modifier/Reason
BW: 15 Modifier/Reason
SP: 12 Modifier/Reason

Movement: — 12

Equipment/Location on person:

  1. backpack with spell book (in a locked box), paper, ink, quills, candle, flint-steel, other normal supplies.
  2. belt and coin purse
  3. A couple of books of histories to study at night.
  4. map case and parchments
  5. glass bottle with cork (empty) and wrapped safely in soft-cloth
  6. leather boots, black trousers, green embroidered tunic, cloak with rabbit fur trim (fine)
  7. rations – 1 week


  1. gold: 9

Weapons/Location on person:
dagger (on belt, right side)

  1. wooden staff – in hand

Vibrant youthful male elf, who is fairly thin and wiry, he has wild hair and a dazzling smile. He is 5’3" and 124lbs. His eyes are big and black and he sports a large, infectious grin on his face. He is carrying no obvious weapons and carries a wooden walking staff. He wears dark black trousers, with leather black boots that rise to his knees. Under a sleeveless grey cloak, trimmed with rabbit fur, the elf wears a simple green tunic with gold embroidery symbols, that look to be more than just causal decoration. They almost look like arcane scripts or runes.

Despite his small frame, he has a confidence and presence and holds his chin high. His high cheek bones are consistent with High Elves you have occasionally seen.

Unlike most elves, he is friendly and warm, and outgoing.


Kale is a mage from the Emerald Forest. Born a high elf, he has access to the best education and arcane training available to elves. As he learned the arcane arts, he was drawn to the deeper secrets lost centuries ago. He spent hour upon hour studying and researching old ancient histories, particularly as they hinted at powerful artifacts and spells long lost. He became more and more curious and studied more. Ultimately, he began to believe that some of these items, one in particular could be found if he was able to get a group of adventures to accompany him on this dangerous quest to find and retrieve the artifact. He shares this with no one, although is not shy in letting it be know that he is looking for magical items, artifacts, spell books and tomes of histories. He has arrived at Greens Port to find a group of adventures who will be delving into the dangerous places of the world with the goal of finding magical items along the way.


Kale Cyron

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