Character Creation

Roll 4d6 x8, dropping the lowest die, then dropping the lowest score. Apply to Str, Dex, Wis, Int, Cha, Con, Comeliness as you see fit.

Humans get a +1 added to one stat of player’s choice and 1 extra non-weapon proficiency.
Humans can multi-class.

Primary attributes – each character needs to pick 2 total primary attributes, humans pick 3. One of these attributes will be determined by your class, the other is your choice. Having a primary attribute helps with skill checks. i.e. having a primary attribute for dex would make it much more likely that you could dance on top of dwarves’ heads as they floated down the river in barrels vs. someone without the primary attribute. However this feat would still be very unlikely are quite possibly ruin the movie if you succeed.

Primary attributes for Warriors is (Str), for Priests is (Wis) for mages is (Int), for Thieves is (Dex), Bards (Cha)

Non-weapon proficiencies mean that you can excel at that skill. Everyone can swim, read, ride a horse, except for the true skills such as armorer, bower, etc.

Armorers will start the game with a free set of armor of their choice up to splint mail.
Weaponsmiths start with a free weapon of their choice
Bowers start with a free bow

Proficiency in carpentry adds to one’s ability to find a secret door within woodwork.
Proficiency in stone mason adds to one’s ability to find a secret door within stonework or natural caverns.

10 silver = 1 gold, 5 gold = 1 platinum. No copper except for roleplay purposes. Assume you have a copper or two to spend, unless you are otherwise completely out of currency. For Roleplay purposes, 10 coppers = 1 silver. I just don’t want to keep track of coppers.

Dual Wield: -2 main hand, -4 off hand. Offset by dex reaction adj. for max 0/0.
Rangers can duel wield with no penalty to either weapon.

Surprise rolls for certain encounters (4 or less on d12 surprised, with modifiers) in surprise potential encounters.

Mages get bonus spells due to intelligence as clerics do with wisdom.

Character Death:
Characters die at negative 10 hps plus or minus Con bonus/penalty. Characters with less than 10 hps, die at negative their hps. New characters by same player will be able to receive 75% of exp earned by dead character and can have any equipment and gold earned by same (if the remaining party members agree).

Charge: Can charge up to 1.5 normal movement rate. Charge grants plus 2 to attack and damage, but lose 2 AC and any dex bonus for that round. “Reckless attack”

Rear attack +2, +4 for rogues. Flank attack +1, +2 for rogues.

Random Encounters frequency will be determined by parties actions:
1) Depends on relative safety of camp location.
2) Noise the party is making
3) Etc.

Traps: Traps will be skill based for detecting/disarming, but penalties & bonuses will be applied for the characters description of how he is searching.

Please limit spells to the core books. Other spells may be added, but at the GM’s discretion.
We can use the spell point system that is currently being used in Kenurions and Jayph’s campaigns.

Max HP’s at 1st level

Thieves- you get your class based bonus for backstab as long as you are behind the opponent.

Detect Evil/ Detect Alignment/ Detect Lie does not work on humans or humanoids. This would ruin much of my fun. It’s up to the players to determine if I am lying or not.

Detect evil will detect evil undead, evil objects, and demons and such.

Initial Characters will start the campaign in the city of Greens Port at the Adventurer’s Guild. Apparently, you have all read a post calling for brave adventurers to serve the town as a freelance investigative and crime prevention squad. You may or may not know the others gathered about you (you can work that into the story).

Character Creation

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