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    The World- Erasmus, a civilization in decline past its glory days. The races of humans and demi-humans are now struggling to survive while the races of evil humanoids slowly advance on their dwindling borders. The decline started approximately 1000 …

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    [[Character Creation | Character Creation]] [[Herbs and Intoxicants | Herbs and Intoxicants]] [[Places | Places]] [[Towns | Towns]]

  • Character Creation

    Roll 4d6 x8, dropping the lowest die, then dropping the lowest score. Apply to Str, Dex, Wis, Int, Cha, Con, Comeliness as you see fit. Humans get a +1 added to one stat of player’s choice and 1 extra non-weapon proficiency. Humans can multi-class. …

  • Places

    [[Hell's Pass | Hell's Pass]] [[Kingdom of Artany | Kingdom of Artany]]

  • Hell's Pass

    Hell's Pass A narrow passage through the mountains that divide the “civilized” land and the land of the Grey One’s. The pass is guarded by the military of Romisland which is supplemented by the cities of Middleton and Greens Port. Romisland is in …

  • Greens Port

    Greens Port A large port town named after the green water of the ocean near its shores. The population is mostly human, but demi-human races can be found. The town military is pre-occupied with defending their ever shrinking borders from the …

  • Gold Leaf

    An intoxicating herb typically grown by Halfling communities in the far south. Though not illegal, it is frowned upon by civilized societies other than the Halflings. The herb is known to have a relaxing effect that dulls the mind, but has the benefit …

  • Pixie Dust

    An intoxicating white powder. Illegal. The effects include extreme amnesia and incapacitation. It appeals to those with guilty consciences, allowing them to forget their past for a time. Overuse can lead to permanent mental disability or death. …

  • Mother's Root

    A tasty root known for it's medicinal properties. Eating the root will return 1 HP of health after one hour of time, allowing time for digestion. [[File:366041 | class=media-item-align-none | 150x150px | Mother_s_Root.jpg]]

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